We enrich the education experience for Elkhart’s youth through innovative activities not funded by tax dollars.


Dedicated to providing extraordinary learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom


Engage students with a wider community through character-building programs, internships, job shadowing, and field trips to prepare them for future success


Level the playing field for Elkhart students, no matter their socioeconomic status, by providing engaging activities

SINCE 2015…

200+ Program Grants Funded

12,000+ Students Impacted

22 New School-Based Community Projects

The Need

An immediate positive intervention is necessary. Our community must unite under a common mission – to enrich the education experience for all. This enrichment will come from the strengthening of extracurricular opportunities in addition to the encouragement of educators to engage students through innovation and exploration.

15% of ECS students drop out of school

39% of graduate are college/career-ready

70% of ECS students on free/reduced lunch

$250 Average annual student fees per activity

1% of the school budget dedicated to extracurricular programs

$1,000 Average annual out-of-pocket expense paid by teachers

Immediate Positive Impact

An immediate positive impact is necessary in order to avoid further attrition in students and their families to neighboring districts through the state’s new open enrollment policies. More students choosing to attend ECS means more government funding to support the district.

Supplemental Funding

We need supplemental funding for extracurricular programming, special projects, and innovative teaching strategies that will enhance the educational experience and instill necessary values for long-term success, for all students regardless of their ability to pay. YOU can help support programs that will influence future generations!

The Solution

The Elkhart Education Foundation supports excellence in education through the development and implementation of innovative academic programs and provides supplemental funds for character-building extracurricular activities.

EEF, a 501(c)(3) organization, manages and expends funds received from donations that support the mission, vision and goals of the Elkhart Community Schools. EEF provides funds for innovative teaching practices, education programs and activities – Athletics, Arts, Academic Clubs/Service Organizations – that are outside of the parameters of the traditional operating budget for Elkhart Community Schools. The funds provided by EEF will be used to facilitate student achievement and skill development, to recognize and encourage staff excellence, and to cultivate community involvement from individuals, businesses and civic organizations.

Our Impact

Innovative Teaching Grants

EEF provides Innovative Teaching Grants to educators who have developed engaging lesson plans that promote curiosity and a love for learning.

Our Impact

Extracurricular Grants

EEF provides scholarships to cover individual and/or team participation fees for Arts, Athletics, or Academic club in exchange for community service hours.

Our Impact

High-Impact Projects

Programs like Speak Truth to Power, Living Libraries, Learning Gardens, Project Excursion and Kindness to Prevent Blindness impact the entire student population of Elkhart Community Schools through the support of EEF.

Donor Spotlight

The Elkhart Education Foundation is bolstered by the ongoing support of local business people, entrepreneurs and community members who are dedicated to helping bring the EEF vision to life.

Enter the transformational work of the Elkhart Educational Foundation. Over time these efforts will restore Elkhart to again be that place, taking the lead, in serving its children and giving them the opportunity to compete in this 21st century. Those of us that truly benefited from those glory years must come together and impact this noble effort by supporting the work of the Elkhart Education Foundation.

Innovative Teaching Grants

The best teaching methods come from our greatest assets: educators. We support new ideas and practices to strengthen teaching and learning. Our goal is to fund and share successful strategies to educate and prepare students for bright and rewarding futures.

Strengthening Extracurricular Activities

The evidence is overwhelming and compelling: participation in student activities increases standardized test scores, GPAs, graduation rates, college acceptance and college success rates. Extracurricular activities are one of the most effective tools in increasing student engagement and graduation rates.

Character Building Programs

Field trips, internships, speakers, campus visits and job shadowing opportunities will be expanded and prioritized in order to educate the “whole” student and to prepare them for success in the workforce.

Research Proves It

The Arts

  • Sustained learning in music and theater correlates with higher achievement in both math and reading.
  • Multiple studies prove that extracurricular art activities help prevent high-risk students from dropping out.
  • Students who take 4 years of arts and music classes during high school score about 100 points better on their SATs.

Better Choices

Participation in student activities…

  • Reduces drop-out rates
  • Increases standardized test scores
  • Boosts GPAs
  • Promotes college & career success
  • Develops social & emotional skills
  • Leads students to make better choices

Test Scores

Impact of non-athletic after school activities on standardized test scores:

8th Grade

  • Reading: +2.2%
  • Math: +2.9%

10th Grade

  • Reading: +4.0%
  • Math: +5.7%


  • Students who play sports are on time to school more often and absent less frequently
  • Student athletes are 4x more likely to attend college
  • Student athletes are better at managing emotions, resolving conflicts, and resisting peer pressure

“It is a sincere pleasure working with the Elkhart Education Foundation. I feel most honored to be a part of an organization that is doing so much for the Elkhart Community.”

Hass Hakim, President – Seifert Drug Store
(Elkhart Education Foundation Vice President)

Our Mission

The Elkhart Education Foundation ignites the power of community, connects generous hearts with education, and provides the resources needed for EVERY child to excel inside and outside of the classroom through extraordinary learning experiences.

The Elkhart Educational Foundation is a vibrant source of enthusiastic advocacy for the teachers and students of our district.  Their steadfast support for the advancement of our students, as evidenced in delightfully engaging programming and supplemental funding, has taken our entire school corporation to the next level.  Our future is bright!  So much credit goes to the hard work of this organization!

Dr. Dawn McGrath

Deputy Superintendent , Elkhart Community Schools

A Vision for the Future of Public Education in Elkhart…

Imagine a school system that is the envy of all schools in Northern Indiana, one that provides opportunities for ALL students to discover their “spark” and encourages college and career readiness.

Imagine a school system that prepares our youth to enter the highly skilled, technical job openings right here in Elkhart County that go unfilled because of the lack of qualified applicants.

Imagine a school system that makes Elkhart a highly sought-after destination for young families because they want their kids to go to school here.


Seize this opportunity to positively influence thousands of students and to show hundreds of teachers that we support their hard work. Your generosity will help our community collaborate today for a better tomorrow.

Elkhart Community Schools can and will be that system with the support of the Elkhart Education Foundation (EEF) that is funded by generous community members and business leaders just like you. Join the One City One Mission movement and help EEF fund extracurricular programming, innovative teaching grants, and special programs that will enhance the educational experience for all students in Elkhart Community Schools.

In its first year of existence EEF has already distributed $60,000 in grants to Elkhart teachers, has helped to create additional extracurricular opportunities to keep students engaged in school and has provided hundreds of pounds of school supplies to students in need. The impact is impressive, but there is so much more to do!

Our Media Partners

Our Purpose

To provide new and innovative sources of funding to support & enhance the school district’s educational plan. EEF believes that the development of basic skills for each student is critical for the future success of Elkhart Community businesses, civic organizations, and the local economy. By collaborating today towards this common mission, Elkhart will be strengthened for a better tomorrow.

“The Elkhart Education Foundation has been such a blessing to the boys and girls of the Elkhart Community Schools.  Through the grants the EEF has supported many of our children are experiencing art projects, music projects, thespian activities and academic projects in their classroom that would not have been possible without the funding of grants teachers requested for their children.

It is through the generosity of our Elkhart community with financial and time donations to the Elkhart Education Foundation these opportunities are made possible for our children. An investment in our youth today will help determine the future of our community, state and nation.”

Robert Woods

Elkhart Community School

A Vision for the Future of Public Education in Elkhart…

We envision a school system that is an example for all schools in Northern Indiana — one that provides opportunities for all students to discover their “spark” while encouraging college and career readiness. We will pursue the development of a school system that prepares our youth to succeed in skilled, technical job opportunities right here in Elkhart County that currently go unfilled due to a short supply of local, qualified candidate. The development of our school system will make Elkhart a highly sought-after destination for young families.

“We must assist Elkhart youth in finding their “spark” – their motivation – to help get them, and then keep them, engaged throughout their school-age years. Hayley Boling, MBA – Chairman of the Board

A Vision for the Future of Public

EEF serves the Elkhart community as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt philanthropic organization of citizens who share the common vision of encouraging innovative educational opportunities and enhancing education activities, not funded by tax dollars, while promoting educational excellence for all.

  • The Foundation does not attempt to replace lost state funding, nor does it attempt to take the place of the district’s operating budget. Given the level of funding required to educate students, the foundation can expect only to provide funds for those projects, activities and initiatives that go beyond the normal classroom experience. Such initiatives provide enrichment programs to enhance the educational effort. Funds provided by the Foundation will directly benefit students in the local district.
  • Donations will remain in the school district. This investment in local education and student success benefits the entire community and eventually all of us.
  • Funds will be used to support the mission of the local school district through educational programs and incentives for students and staff. To ensure continued funding, the Foundation will also establish and fund an endowment.

Our team

The EEF Team

We are privileged to have assembled a capable and talented team of individuals dedicated to improving the educational environment in Elkhart.

2016 EEF Board

Andy Kominowski*
Beth Montana
Bobbi Meyers
Brian Replogle
Clyde Riley
Heather VanGalen*
Anne Vondervellen
Andy Wyse


Board of Directors

Brandon Arnold
Babette Boling
Hayley Boling*
Douglas Mulvaney
Arvis Dawson
Brandon Gerlach
Hassen Hakim*
Katrina Healy
Nick Corpe
Kim Sherwood

Pay it Forward Chair: Michilah Grimes
Advisor to the Board: Art Decio

Kevin Anderson

Frank Kurth
Carolyn Lesperance
Louanne Nommay
Kathy Nusbaum
Holly O’Connell
Anita Pratt
Cambria Rief
Romison Saint-Louis
Kara Sears
Kristie Stutsman
Nina Swartzlander
Joshua Tyson
Kris Weimer
Kurt Weimer
Matthew Werbiansky
Kim Wilhelm
Robert Woods

Advisory Board

(Non-Voting ECS Building Representatives)

Cindy Bonner
Melissa Cadotte
Heather Cash
Carla Darr
Christine Erlacher
Stephanie Doncilovic
Maria Garcilazo
Kim Haas
Erin Hartman
Jeannie Hawkins
Robert Haworth
Chrissy Herrick
Tonda Hines
Andrea Holtz
Sara Jackowiak
Amy Kindig
Mindy King
Denise Kurth

Executive Director

Ashley Boling Molyneaux

A proud graduate of Elkhart Community Schools, Ashley Boling Molyneaux developed a life-long love of learning and volunteerism through the influence of amazing teachers! In 2000, as a senior in high school, Ashley earned the title of Elkhart’s Junior Miss and went on to be honored as a Top 10 Finalist for the state of Indiana winning scholarship money for college.

Ashley followed her parent’s legacy and attended DePauw University for her undergraduate education and excelled as an English Literature scholar and avid volunteer. Also as a young woman in college, Ashley was honored to serve as the Executive Director of Elkhart’s Junior Miss in 2002-2004 raising tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship money for deserving young ladies and winning program of the year for the state of Indiana.

After graduating from DePauw Magna Cum Laude, Ashley spent 2 years working as an event planner in Chicago before returning to school to earn her first Masters degree in Education.

Ashley earned her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Loyola University Chicago and spent 8 years serving as a high school teacher and administrator in Chicago-area schools.  Through her professional experience as an English and Theater teacher, Director of Performing Arts, Director of Student Activities, English & Fine Arts Department Chair and Director of Curriculum, she has demonstrated her capacity as a leader and has collaborated to build a student-centered culture of learning. These myriad positions coupled with her M.Ed. course work and 2ndMasters Degree from National Louis University in Administrative Leadership helped Ashley to assemble a valuable tool-box of instructional, supervisory and leadership experience.

Ashley’s experience in education led her to take a closer look at what was happening in her hometown school district and discover that she could be of service! Along with her sister, Hayley Boling, Ashley co-founded The Elkhart Education Foundation to help fill the budgetary gaps that prevent All students from getting the extraordinary educational experience they deserve. Ashley was voted by the board of directors to be the first full-time employee of the foundation and began her job as the Executive Director of EEF in August of 2015.

Community Partners

We are so thankful for the support of these local and national community partners who have committed to supporting our mission and vision. We couldn’t do it without you!

  • First State Bank
  • Boling Vision Center
  • Martin’s
  • FriendVend
  • South Bend Cubs Hits for Kids
  • Amazon Smile